Capture your child’s back to school moments

Sadly, we're approaching the last few weeks of summer and fall is right around the corner!! Many of you will be busy making the most of these summer days, and some of you will be spending a large amount of time prepping for your kids to head back to school.

These last days of summer and first days of school are a great time to capture the beginning of a new phase of your little one’s lives and I wanted to offer up some photo tips to help you save time so you can capture the moment but also enjoy this special time.


Photo Tips:

What to wear: Keeping it simple is key. Stick to solids/small or simple prints, 1-3 color in their entire outfit

Location: Choose maybe your front steps, or under a tree, that you can use every year to keep it consistent. Even the school bus or somewhere outside with the school in the backdrop. Consistency is key when it comes to seeing growth over the years.

Lighting: If possible, find a shady area, with a shady backdrop so your child is the highlight of the image.

Camera settings: iPhone- stick it in portrait mode to get a fun portrait, and if you don’t have that setting or an iPhone, go ahead and just tap your screen to make sure your little one’s face is in focus. Tell them a joke, or make some silly noises to get a great laugh, and snap away.

Props: choose props that won’t change in size throughout their life- like their favorite book, or backpack, or stuffed animal etc. This can be used as a photo prop, and size gauge over the years to see how much your little one has grown. Another added fun bonus can be a fun piece of art you can make with them that has the date, age and grade they’re going into, with maybe a handprint or outline that they can then hold up again on their last day of school photo. This is particularly fun as it becomes a little souvenir they can have when their older.


If you don’t want to miss out on the moment but aren’t confident in your photo taking skills, you can always hire a professional like Kate to help you out! We are offering awesome mini sessions for families from now through December 31st so you can easily and beautifully capture this time in your family's life.

Whatever the occasion, from solo head shots or family portraits to lifestyle and landscape Kate Haus Photography is here to help and make sure that those memorable moments last a lifetime.